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A non-profit organisation focused on education; creating an open space for all interested in IT and Technology.

About us

The main goal is to become a recreational center for everybody with an interest for Computers, IT, and Technology


To create an open space that nurture, develop and guide young people with an interest for computers and Internet Technologies (IT). Hosting events and activities focused on ages between 10-25; with the future goal of having something suitable for all ages.

    A place for all those that...

  • ..wants to meet people with similar interests
  • ..already study IT/Technology
  • ..cannot afford their own hardware
  • ..are not in school and/or wants to get a job within IT
  • ..looks for a IT related summer camp for their children
  • ..find our workshops useful/interesting

To provide assistance and collaboration in IT/EduTech projects run by others (e.g. Linnaeus University, Videum and AV-Media). IT-Gården was created and is run by university students, and so acts as a link to, for example, find "computer science students" for events and projects in and around Växjö city.


In late 2018 the non-profit organisation IT-Gården was created with a board of six. The micro:bit microprocessor, created by BBC for educational purposes, was chosen as the mean to teach problem solving and programming. During our first year (2019) we:

  1. Ran a youth recreational center in Teknikum; teaching micro:bits, Arduino and providing guidance.
  2. Moved in to our own facilities in Videum Science Park.
  3. Held one of Växjö's summer camps, for ages 10-15; teaching micro:bit and 2D game development.
  4. Had three weeks of "Open House" during the summer; teaching micro:bits, Arduino and providing guidance.
  5. Assisted in the project Make IT Happen; teaching micro:bit at schools in the Kronoberg region.
  6. Assisted LNU at the *event Digitala Kompetensdagen*; by showcasing micro:bit projects to teachers of Sweden. Providing code and ideas for them to use when teaching.
  7. Assisted the new Engino project; teaching teachers how to use Engino so they can later teach their own puplies.
  8. So far during 2020 we have:

  9. Started our InMoov project, that 3D prints, builds and programs a full sized robot.
  10. Held our second summer camp in corporation with Växjö municipality

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